Dror for Tumi

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Dror for Tumi

Client: Tumi 2012

The Dror for Tumi Collection features luggage that transforms to meet the modern business traveler’s ever changing needs. The 11-piece collection, includes the first ever expandable hard-case carry-on for Tumi. Groundbreaking technology and unique features transform and respond to the multifaceted lifestyle of today’s traveler in a revolutionary two-wheeled case. The key is the custom “living hinge”: this one-of-a-kind, two-stage expansion makes it possible to adjust the bag’s depth and nearly double its overall capacity. Clabots roles: design development, and engineering.

awardRed Dot Award for Product Design  2013  ( International Expandable Carry-On )

awardTravel & Leisure’s 2013 Design Awards ( Tote / Backpack )

Work done at Dror. 

Red Dot Award for Product Design

Travel & Leisure’s Award for Design