Stack Bookcase

Furniture Design - Studio Dror

Stack Bookcase

Client: Target  2008

The Stack Bookcase developed for Target is a set of nesting trapezoidal boxes. Each set comes with a set of 4 boxes that stack vertically to form a single bookcase.  They can be linked to gather in series to form larger units.  The design came from observing how customers shop for bookcases at target retail stores.  The pain point found was how the customer got the bookshelf from the shelf to the register. Traditional RTA Bookshelves have very tall members that result in a large box size.  This may work at a retailer like Ikea where the whole store is set up for items of this size, for Target the focus was providing a full height bookcase that easily fit in a shopping cart, assembled in seconds with no tools and allowed for the assembly into large units and systems.

Work done at Dror

Connection Pins

When stacked, the boxes link together with four locating pins per level.



The feet for the bookcase attach with two prongs.  This allows the feet to be rotated 90 degrees to link multiple units together.