Spot and Swat

Product Design

Spot and Swat

Exhibition: THREAT | AMDC  2012

Clabots was invited to participate in the American Design Club’s latest Gallery Show, THREAT: Objects of Defense and Protection. The show calls for designs based on the idea of protection from an intruder. The objective is to invent an object or tool that will help you deal with an intruder. The question becomes, “you hear something go bump in the night, what do you grab?” Clabots’ answer was emphatically “a bat!” How can you argue with the tried and true; a stick / club is probably the oldest defense object in existence. It is hard to improve on near perfection. But we might have come close….. The SPOT and SWAT is a 31″ ash baseball bat, outfitted with a heavy duty flash light to help you search out your intruder. The switch must be continuously depressed to stay on, so the light can never be left on accidentally and drain the battery. This means your SPOT and SWAT is always ready for action…. the switch is also silent so as not to tip off your intruder. Once you spot your target: let go of the switch, turn off the light, further disorienting your attacher, and swing away. We hope you enjoy this light hearted product as much as Clabots enjoyed making it.


Work done at Nonlinear Studio.