Slip Watch

Product Design

Slip Watch

Client: Nonlinear 2011

The Slip Watch is the first product released by nonlinear studio. The design takes the simple archetypal watch shape and puts it into motion with a slight twist. The skewed posture of the watch gives the modern clean lines a new “spin”.

The watch is intentionally minimal, with proportions that are almost predictable. However, its skewed posture that makes the watch appear to be slipping off the band, like a moment caught in time; a poetic commentary the passing of time. At the same time, a more ergonomic result is achieved with the face addressing the wearer with less turning of the arm. Furthermore, the band penetrates the casing at 12 and 9 hours marking, giving reference to an otherwise unmarked face. This slightest tweak has given a timeless form an intriguing character while giving you a watch that is easier to read.

Work done at Nonlinear Studio.  

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