Skins Advertisement

Art Direction - Studio Dror

Skins Advertisement

Client: Skins  2007

Skins was a new footwear concept that divided the shoe into a structural core and fashionable outer.  The outers were flexible and compact to store away and pack for travel.

Skins was having difficulty with their traditional lifestyle photography failing to convey the uniqueness of their innovative product.  The solution was to shoot the style images with mirrors.  On one side of the mirror the models are fully clothed.  On the other, they appear in only their underwear holding the structural inners.  This inferred that the inners were as essential as your underwear, gave the ads a little sex appeal and were strangely provocative enough to leave the viewer wanting to know more.  The only explanation was a link to the website.

Jordan Kleinman-Product photography
Erez Sabag-Campaign photography

Work done at Dror.