Flip Sofa


Flip Sofa

Client: Fab  2014

It may look simple, but there is a lot of geometry and problem solving packed into the Flip.  This sofa family was born from the business pain point of SKU managment.  You want to offer a basic sofa in a range of sizes to hit all of your customers need.  Market research showed that customers wanted one of 3 sizes + a chair.  However your customer also needs to fit their style.  We had a customer that wanted a minimal sofa and a customer who loved the mid century style.  To produce 4 sizes in 2 styles adds up to 8 SKUs.  We thought “what if you could could do it all with half the SKU’s?”  Thats just what we did.  The Flip has back cushions that are tufted on only one side, allowing it to look minimal or mid-century.  We developed 2 different sets of legs: minimal chrome, and tapered walnut which highlights the subtle tapper to the arms and compliments the tufted back cushions to create the Mid-century look.  The legs are packaged separately allowing for a maximization of looks with less stock in the warehouse. 

This also offers the customer the advantage of modifying their look at home.  The Flip may start as you stylish living room sofa and as you move to a larger place, be transformed into a more minimal everyday sofa in the TV room.

Formally, the Flip has arms that taper.  This opens the sofa up in the front, making it more inviting.  I gives that little bit of personality that makes the sofa special. The sofa has a refined sense of proportion from the front while providing thicker structural arms towards the back.

Clabots designed this sofa along with Louis Filosa of his design team.


The Flip was designed off of a 35″ module embodied by the 35″ by 35″ ottoman.  Both the depth of the sofas as well as their widths were sized to align with the 35″ ottoman. This allows the ottoman to sit next to the sofa as a side table extension. When combined the each sofa the ottoman either aligns with the edge of the cushion and the out side of the arm or the cushion alone (as seen in the two seater sectional).  Paired with the chair, the ottoman aligns with the outside of both arms.

The Flippin’ Ottoman

The ottoman is an integral piece in the Flip family. besides aligning with all of the sofas to create an sectional, the top of the ottoman flips to reveal a large walnut table surface.  The ottoman works great as a coffee table, or aligns perfectly with the side of all the sofas to create a beautiful side table extension.