Creative Recreation Showroom

Interior Design - Studio Dror

Creative Recreation Showroom

Client: Creative Recreation  2009 For the Creative Recreation showroom the objective was to reflect the essence or the Creative Recreation sneaker in the design of the interior space. The main gallery is split down the middle contrasting a clean minimal gallery side against a weathered raw and rugged side that looks like it has been around for years.  The custom racks in the middle of the space also embody this juxtaposition, made of two squares hinged at the corner. One is clean and minimal in matte black while the other has molding painted infold crackle paint.  Custom murals were commissioned by artist Adam Krueger.

Work done at Dror.

Custom Furniture

The main conference table was cut to intersect the wall at an angle that matched the the diagonal floor plan as you enter the space. The corner that was cut off was re-used in the entryway as wall mounted console.