Clip Sofa


Clip Sofa

Client: Fab 2014

Clip is a configurable sofa system. It consists of 5 modular parts that you can use build your own sofa in hundreds of variations. 

The system features a patent pending removable back support system.  The bent plywood back support easily clips in and out of position and can be used for various other functions such as a tray for resting your drink.  The same mechanism used for locking the back support in place also serves to connect base units to lock you configurations in place.

Clabots designed this system along with James Ian Killinger of his design team.

Patent Pending System

The Clip   

Spring steel clips with a non-stick coating are mounted in the base of the sofa.  When inserted, the wooden trays click into place. By reaching below the sofa, the clip can be disengaged and the tray is released.

Sofa seats are connected using the Clip System